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The First Christmas Sweater (and the Sheep Who Changed Everything) by Ryan Tubridy

The First Christmas Sweater (and the Sheep Who Changed Everything) is a fun chapter book for beginning chapter book readers. It tells the story of a sheep who dares to be different.

The concept of the story was cute. I thought it was clever to have a sheep be the main character in a Christmas book.

Typically, sheep only get attention when they were in the manager. This fun story puts a sheep right in the middle of all the Christmas Extravaganza.

My six-year-old daughter loved the simplicity of this text, and she thought the sheep was hilarious throughout the entire story! The illustrations grabbed her attention, and she loved that she was able to ready a large portion of the story by herself.

As for me, I thought the story was cute. It did lack a lot of plot detail. I never felt like anything much happened, except for the sheep being constantly silly.

In the end, my daughter loved it, and that is what matters. Sometimes, kids just love simple books that allow them to be silly. This was a win for her, and I enjoyed having the chance to read alongside her.

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