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Ice from DK Publishing

I love DK Publishing! They do a fantastic job.

When it comes to their nonfiction books, they are top-notch. DK does a supreme job of selecting high-engaging topics and designing nonfiction texts that will capture the attention of any reader.

DK's new book, Ice, is no exception to this publishing company's long list of excellent nonfiction books. Ice focuses on the presence and history of ice on our earth. It highlights the ice ages, animals past and present throughout these ice worlds, and the current melting of the ice caps.

The text is challenging, but DK does a great job of designing interactive pages. Each page is broken into clear subtopics and it is packed full of great text features to help its readers along.

I would recommend Ice to any child who is reading at an upper elementary or middle school level. The academic vocabulary and the topics are complex. This text was designed to teach all about ice, and it does so at a very high-level.

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