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Christmas in 100 Words from QED Publishing

Do you have a little baby in your family? Are you in need of a book that will fit them perfectly this holiday season?

Be sure to check out Christmas in 100 Words from QED Publishing.

Christmas in 100 Words is an easy book for the baby readers in your family. It features great vocabulary words centered around the holiday season. The vocabulary words are well-selected and many of them are also color-coded. The purple marked words represent action words, and the green marked words represent feeling words.

Each page of Christmas in 100 Words focuses on a new scene of Christmas. There is the holiday shopping scene, the Christmas dinner scene (complete with a snoring grandpa in the background), a manager scene, and many more festive views of the holiday. The scenes are designed in a very baby-friendly manner, and they are great universal themes for the holidays.

Other than the snoring grandpa scene, my favorite scene featured holiday foods from around-the-world. I love the inclusion of other country's celebrations within the book as well. I would have loved to have even seen more of this intertwined within the vocabulary choices.

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