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One Wild Christmas by Nicholas Oldland

Bear, Moose, and Beaver are in the midst of preparing for their perfect, first Christmas together. They have their food all read, stockings hung, and they are ready for the night's biggest even... decorating the Christmas tree.

But problems hit the trio of friends when they realize that no one brought a Christmas tree!

In their best efforts to save their perfect Christmas, Bear, Moose, and Beaver head out into the woods in search of the perfect tree to decorate. No matter what they do, they can't seem to find the right tree. The trees they find are either too small, too tall, or just too white!

After they are almost ready to give up, the three friends find the perfect pine tree. It is everything they dreamed it would be. Beaver and Moose jump into action by beginning to prep to cut down the tree.

But Bear has second thoughts. He believes the tree is too perfect to cut down, and he decides to save it from beginning cut down. A battle emerges between the three friends.

Unfortunately, Beaver and Moose are no match for the strength of Bear. Bear ties them to the Christmas tree. All seems lost for the trio's perfect Christmas.

That is... until Bear has a brilliant idea!

Be sure to check out One Wild Christmas by Nicholas Oldland. You and your young readers will love finding out how Bear just might save their perfect Christmas after all!

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