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The Night of His Birth by Katherine Paterson

The Night of His Birth, by Katherine Paterson, is a beautiful telling of the birth of Jesus. Unlike many of the retellings of this story, Katherine Paterson’s version offers a different viewpoint from the perspective of Jesus’s mother, Mary.

The story speaks of the miracle that has been bestowed upon Mary's life. As a new mother, you see her eyes look at Jesus in wonder and absolute love.

She is aware of her responsibility but for the short moment of this story, you just get to see Mary processing her new role as a mother to her newborn baby.

This story will easily be a cherished addition to any family’s library. It allows those who celebrate the birth of Jesus to see the story through a new lens.

The weight of the miracle of God’s plan through Jesus will not be lost on anyone who picks up Katherine Paterson’s version of Jesus’s birth.

In addition to the fresh perspective of the story, Lisa Aisato’s illustrations are just stunning. The watercolor approach is breathtaking, and every new page will take your breath away at the sheer love that was board into creating this special holiday story.

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