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My Teacher is a Monster by Peter Brown

How would you feel if you had to deal with a crabby teacher?

Well in the book, My Teacher is a Monster, the little boy has to deal with a crabby teacher.

An example from the story that shows this is the teacher in the beginning. The teacher is a ugly monster and the reason why that caught my attention was because you are supposed to respect their teachers. But, Robert wasn't being respectful to his teacher. Instead Robert was being disrespectful to his teacher by not listening and throwing paper airplanes.

Another example is that in the middle of the story the teacher starts to go back to a normal teacher because Robert isn't doing anything bad. First he helped her, and then towards the end he isn't yelling or anything. This shows readers if you don't make bad choices in school then your teacher won't be a monster. But if you keep doing it, then your teacher won't turn back into a normal teacher. So the lesson of the story is do not make your teacher mad.

The last example that interested me because at the end the teacher is a normal teacher. But then, Robert throws a paper airplane and the teacher turns green again. This shows that now the teacher is mad again This is why i think this book is interested in this book.

I believe this book should be for ages kindergarten through fifth grade because then they would learn how to be kind to their teacher. If they read this book, they learn not to make their teacher be a monster, and they will learn how to be respectful to their teacher. Teachers can read it to their classes.

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