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Stargazing by Jen Wang

Stories of friendship and finding your voice are ones that will always reign true with young readers. Write that story in a graphic novel format, and you have a book that readers will devour!

Stargazing, by Jen Wang, is just this type of story.

At the beginning of the story, you meet Christine. She embodies every bit of perfection that she feels her family desires from her.

As a young Chinese- American, Christine keeps herself tidy, studies continuously, and follows all the strict rules of her parents. Despite all that Christine does to make her family proud, she struggles with finding herself and making herself proud.

That all changes when Moon moves in next door.

Moon is a young girl that is the same age as Christine. But, the similarities end at their ages. Moon is confident, fun, and outgoing. Moon is true to herself, and she doesn't seem to care what anyone else thinks of her.

Christine is entranced by Moon, and their friendship quickly blossoms. But jealousy and a scary health situation quickly put the new friendship to the test.

Will Moon and Christine be able to keep their friendship going?

Check out Stargazing to find out!

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