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Henry's Freedom Box by Ellen Levine

I love, love, love books! I also love books about the Underground Railroad, such as Henry's Freedom Box by Ellen Levine.

Henry is a courageous main character because once he found out they took his family, he got in a box, and no one could stop him.This made me realize how hard it is to loose a family member that meant a lot to you. It also made me realize that if you do not know where your family is you would be sad.

I think that the lesson learned is to be courageous even if you are going through a tough time. An example from the story was he didn't give up when they took his family.

If i were to recommend the book, Henry's Freedom Box, I would recommend it to 3rd - 5th because it is a bit of a challenging text. When I read the book Henry's Freedom Box, it just made me realize that I would not want to go through what Henry went through in the story.

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