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Help Wanted: Must Love Books by

Attention! I am in the market for readers who love bedtime stories. Any applicants interested must read the following book review. All inquiries of a new adorable picture book are welcomed and encouraged!

Help Wanted: Must Love Books is an adorable, new picture book that must quickly become a regular in any child's bedtime rotation.

In the story, you will meet a sweet, little girl named Shailey, Shailey is a huge fan of books, and she adores her nightly reading time with her dad. They have the perfect arrangement. Shailey gets to raid her bookshelf, select the perfect bedtime story, and then she and her dad snuggle up for some of the greatest bedtime adventures ever.

But, her dad's new job changes everything. He is occupied, stressed, and unable to join her for their nightly reading time. That leads Shailey to make the only call she can...

She fires her dad from being her bedtime story reader.

After the firing, Shailey creates a help wanted sign in search of her father's replacement. Her sign works and attracts a lot of unusual, yet familiar "fairy-tale-ish", applicants.

As Shailey begins give the new applicants a fair chance to be her new bedtime story reader, she finds herself in very usual circumstances. The three=pig team was scared away by some wolf-looking applicant. A little gingerbread man ran away with her bedtime story, a kind princess could seem to stay away through her book, and one giant like reader was so scary, Shailey refused to come out of hiding.

No matter how specific Shailey changed her help wanted sign to be, she still seemed to have zero luck with finding a replacement for the role her father had always played.

Finally, the perfect applicant arrived. He seemed to look just like her father... only more "Robin Hoodish." She gave the new reader a chance and soon realized that this new reader was the perfect fit.

However, in true Shailey fashion, she did have one final request of her new bedtime reader....

I adored Janet Sumner Johnson's story, Help Wanted, Must Love Books. It is one of those picture books that just melts your heart. The message for both parents and children is clear. Our time is limited, and our priorities must always focus on those we love and adore.

The utilization of fairytale creatures as the applicants was just brilliant. I loved seeing which creatures showed up to interview for the position of bedtime story reader.

Throughout the story, I found myself chuckling at the many reasons as to why Shailey was unable to hire them. These characters were creative, and they were modified perfectly to fit into the plot of this story seamlessly.

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