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Gillbert: The Little Merman by Art Baltazar

When I started reading Gillbert, I thought I was going to read a story about a little merman. However, I get came to realize that I was in a midst of a whirlwind of characters.

Instead of just following a royal merman, I was now in the midst of aliens and unknown creatures for the depths of the ocean.

How do aliens and mysterious creatures all intertwine, you ask?

My answer... I am not really sure. I got pretty confused.

As I struggled to try to understand the connection between all these mythical creatures, I found myself just kind of sitting back and enjoying the story for what it was.

Gillbert is a children's graphic novel, and students will enjoy it. I don't believe the illogical connections will bother then they way in bothered me, and that is okay.

Students love graphic novels, and they love all things aliens mermaids, and the mythological unknown. Without a doubt then, they will enjoy reading Gillbert.

The greatest strength of this story are the cute and vibrant illustrations. The creatures are fun and engaging. Students will love seeing this wild aliens and under-the-sea creatures that are featured in this text.

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