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Alma and the Beast by Esme Shapiro

Alma and the Beast is a beautifully constructed version of a beloved fairy tale. In a play of Beauty and the Beast, you will find that roles have changed in Esme Shapiro's new version.

The Beast is not who you think it should be, but you will love the flip of characters in this fun version.

In addition to the fun take of the new characters, Alma and the Beast is an illustration goldmine. Page-after-page of this book is covered in mesmerizing drawings. I am awe in the sheer talent that Esme Shapiro has in creating a fairy tale wonderland.

As a teacher, I am always on the hunt for fun versions of classic fairy tales. Alma and the Beast will absolutely be joining my fairy tale collection. My students will love seeing Esme's flip of the classic version.

In addition, this book will be perfect for comparing and contrasting alternative versions and perspectives of the classic stories.

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