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You're in Good Paws by Maureen Fergus

Little Leo has to get his tonsils out. He is nervous, and he isn't sure what to expect.

Leo's nerves are quickly put to easy when he arrives at the hospital. Everyone is so kind, and he quickly realizes he is in good "paws."

After a little while, Leo finds himself waking up in a hospital room. His tonsils are out, and he is now spending the night in the hospital to help his recovery.

It is there that he meets a new friend named Naeem. Naeem also just had surgery. He broke his ankle skateboarding and needed it to be fixed. The two become quick best friends and enjoy a night of fun and Popsicles.

The next day, Leo is discharged and allowed to go home to finish his recovery. He is grateful to everyone that helped him feel better.

He takes the knowledge that he is in good "paws" as he heads to his new school in a few short weeks.

You're in Good Paws is a story that takes a fun, animal, position on what it is like for a child to have surgery or spend the night in the hospital. The utilization of friendly animals was a smart addition. I think it made the nurse and doctors of the hospital way less scary.

In addition to the application of animals instead of people, the illustrations are childlike and bright. It shows the hospital in a friendly and gentle manner. This choice also helps the book go a long way in easing any child's fears as they themselves may be heading to get their tonsils out.

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