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Unplugged and Unpopular by Mat Heagerty

Publish Date: October 15th, 2019

Like most teenagers today, Erin Song is attached to her phone. She lives in the digital world, and she knows that it is the key to unlocking all the secrets of popularity at her school. This leads her to make the choice to agree to let the most popular girl in school, Wendy, cheat off her during a test.

The girls are caught, and things come crashing down hard for Erin Song.

Her parents are naturally furious, and Erin's punishments come in the form of a technology ban. She loses her phone, TV, internet, everything!

It is during her technology-ban that Erin starts to notice some weird aliens all around her. She screams and tells everyone what she is seeing. They brush her off as crazy and quickly return to watching the screens in front of them.

Help comes from an unlikely trio, Erin’s grandmother, whom she thought had died, and two strange librarians that had been forgotten about during the town’s technology-based heights.

The four of them head off to fight the aliens that are using technology to take over the human world.

Will Erin, the librarians, and her grandmother be able to save the world?

You need to check out Unplugged and Unpopular by Mat Heagerty to find out!

Like all things graphic novels,

this book will appeal to many students. It is brightly colored, hilariously illustrated, and it is packed full of aliens.

For a preteen, what is there not to love?

For an adult, I wasn't as in love with the story. I thought the storyline between a technology-addicted society and aliens was pretty far-fetched. The transition into the alien subplot was a bit abrupt and confusing at times.

In my opinion, I think younger readers will totally miss the underlying message of technology within this story.

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