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Gaston by Kelly DiPucchip

Gaston is a fun,loving book for young readers. I feel like Kelly Dipucchio and Christian Robinson did a great job on making this book enjoyable and warm-hearted. Kelly Dipucchio did a wonderful job on the story, and I loved the pictures Christian Robinson did a fantastic job on the pictures. They are perfectly cute, yet so simple.

In the book Gaston, Gaston the dog is living with poodles and doesn't fit in.For example, when Mrs.Poodle is teaching her pups how to do proper poodle things like: walk not run, sip not slurp, and yip not yap, Gaston struggles. All the other pups do as they are told, except Gaston. He does everything wrong. I believe that the author made the choice to do it this way so that we’d think he doesn’t belong. A good choice on the illustrator's part was that the pictures are so simple. This is done so all kids can read and understand the book.The pictures really made me know that it was going to be a perfect cute book and a book many people would love.

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