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Livi and Nate: A Winter's Night by Kalle Hakkola and Mari Ahokoivu

Livi and Nate: A Winter's Night is a beautifully illustrated book. It is a cross between a graphic novel and a picture book, and students will love it.

Livi and Nate are a curious brother and sister duo. They have spent the day building snow creatures in the snow, and now their imaginations are running off with them.

It is through their dreams and their inside play that their adventures continue as their snow creatures come alive and they investigate the mysterious noises coming from their grandfather's bedroom.

My favorite part of the story was the illustrations. The imagines were dreamlike and will be devoured by young readers. I love the juxtaposition between the choices or colors and the simple sketches of the main characters. These design choices were brilliant and really make the story pop.

My only concern about the story is that the plotline jumps around a lot. I think this will be a struggle for younger readers because of the lack of text.

The limited presence of words will force the students to really have to focus on the illustrations and make inferences as to what is occurring in the story.

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