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Redwood and Ponytail by K.A. Holt

K.A. Holt is a genius, and this book is proof!

From beginning-to-end of Redwood and Ponytail, my mind continuously was spinning as I tried to wrap my head around what K.A. Holt was doing on the pages before me. Her construction of a story is magnificent, and it is so different from anything else in young adult literature today. She has a voice and strong purpose in her stories, and that talent shines through in every one of her books.

Redwood and Ponytail picks up where the books House Arrest and Knockout have left out. You get to see glimpses are some of K.A. Holt's best characters, but in a completely opposite manner that you see them in the other two books of this series.

Instead of the story focusing on the relationship between brothers, Timothy and Levi, the story tells about the unlikely friendship between Tam and Kate. Tam is a full out tomboy that rules the volleyball court while Kate is a well-loved perfectionist that shines on the cheer squad.

The friendship between Tam and Kate turns heads as soon as it begins. The unlikely pair confuses the school, but the two ignore the stares. Things speed up quickly when Tam and Kate learn that they mean more to each other than either initially realized.

As the two navigate middle school, they find that their growing feelings for each other are complicating the already difficult struggles that are present in one's teenage years.

The strength of the new relationship is quickly tested when things in both their lives blow up. Will the two be able to figure out if they have a future together, or are they destined to forever be known as "the Redwood" and "the Ponytail?'

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