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How To Feed Your Parents by Ryan Miller

You absolutely need to read How to Feed Your Parents by Ryan Miller. It is just hysterical! I just loved it, and I wish that I could just find one more book by Ryan Miller, and illustrated by Hatem Aly, because those two together are just so funny. You need to read this book, and I hope you enjoy it. Oh wait, you will!

I really love this book because it is really funny. For example, the parents in this book are really picky eater. I can relate because my mom will not eat McDonalds, but I love McDonalds. That's why my mom never gets McDonalds because she is also a picky eater

Another example is that in this book, the daughter helps them eat more food. Just like I like to make her like some things at McDonalds.

Another reason is that this book is written so well. I just love it because it is just funny and interesting. It just makes you have to finish it! It is by far one of my favorite books ever.

So this is why I think you need to read How to Feed Your Parents and you should! Also, I think you need to read this book because it is just awesome. I wish I didn't remember reading it just so I can laugh at it again!

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