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Ella May Does It Her Way by Mick Jackson and Andrea Stegmaier

Pippa by Design is a fun hybrid text. It has a little bit of everything for a reader that would like a little bit of a challenge. It is designed to mostly feature a story of a little girl, but it is packed full of sketches and nonfiction informational texts.

In the story, Pippa by Design, you meet a young girl named Pippa. Pippa dreams of being a designer. So much so, that she is constantly taking her sketchbook everywhere that she goes, including her older sisters many dance rehearsals.

It is during one of those rehearsals that Pippa leaves behind her sketchbook.

Many days go by as Pippa searches for her sketchbook to no avail. Finally, her sketchbook is returned. But inside, there is a surprise. Pippa's sketchbook now has a note from a secret admirer and a beautiful sketch from a famous dance costume designer.

Eventually, Pippa discovers that her secret admirer is the head costume director of the ballet. The director invites Pippa to join her team as an apprentice. Through her time in the costume department, Pippa sees every detail that goes into costuming a ballet company, and she is instantly enamored completely.

It is during Pippa's time with the costume department that you met with a ton of information facts. The information facts include lots of details about ballet, ballet history, costuming, and staging a production. Also, there are a ton of sewing and fabric terminology.

I enjoyed the combination of the different types of texts; however, the hybrid design of the story elevated the reading level of the text. The nonfiction terminology utilization was immense, and a typical reader will likely struggle to balance the story with all of the facts.

I, myself, often felt like the facts were overwhelming at times, and I am an adult reader that also has a lot of dance in my background.

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