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The Journey by Francesca Sanna


The Journey, by Francesca Sanna, tells about how you can get through moving to a unfamiliar place or losing someone you love.It is a very meaningful book that touches your heart and forces you to never give up and be brave even if it is a hard task to do.It’s a magnificent book because it shows times can be hard but that does not mean you should give up.

Throughout the text,The Journey, is a good book for any age and for any person.The book, The Journey, is a very good book because it tells children to never give up and just keep calm/be brave.It is a good play along book especially for kids because it shows cool illustrations that may or may not be real.

I feel it is also a good book because it is different. There is just something about the book that makes it different. I feel that is shows compassion. For example, it shows that the monster in the book took their father and they are moving away to stay safe. I feel the other reason that the book is different is because it is showing the readers to always remember if someone passes away they are still locked in your heart if you believe that they are watching over you from up above.

The Journey is not only about one character. It is about 3 characters. In the story, it doesn't tell you the characters' names, but it doesn’t really matter.Even though the mother was doing all the work to get away from the darkside/where all of the monsters were, they still made it. But the further they went, the more they left behind.They left all of the suitcases behind except 3.

There are very many “monsters” which makes the book even better. The author is being creative to grab the reader's attention. For instance,in the text, it shows how dark the monsters are. It also shows red eyes to make them look evil.

The Journey can also become connections for some readers. For example, maybe they have lost someone they have loved or maybe they have had to move before. A unique characteristic is that the whole family doesn’t give up. They keep on moving and moving until they are safe. The point is to never give up even if you really want to you should always be brave if you want to get through it.

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