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Dear Mr. President by Sophie Siers

In today’s’ age, the topic of building a wall is hot on the radar of many adults. It is hard to turn on the television, look at the newspaper, or even hop on social media without running into any mention or reference to the political turmoil that is going.

As the political sides debate the future of the borders of our country, it is only natural that our children and students begin to pick up on bits and pieces of the conversation. Through the hearing of adults and leaders of our country speak, children have begun to emulate and form their opinions on the topic as well.

Dear Mr. President, by Sophie Siers, is a new picture book that highlights a child’s perspective on the topic of building a wall. The little boy is named Sam, and he feels that building a wall may be an answer to his problem as well. Sam is struggling with having to share his bedroom with his older brother.

Through a series of letters to the President of the United States, Sam highlights his beliefs in how a wall can separate himself from the problems that are constantly being caused by his brother.

It is through the love and encouragement of the boys' parents that the siblings slowly find ways to talk out their issues and begin to show more respect towards each other. Eventually, the kindness returns between the brothers and they agree to both make the necessary changes to better live together in peace.

I appreciate how the book, Dear Mr. President, took on a heated and charged issue in our country and wrote a story in a manner that kids can understand.

The book helps kids realize the emotions behind the issue and it gives kids a relatable issue that they all can understand within their lives. I love how both boys grew and changed for the better through the experience.

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