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Stress Stinks by Bryan Smith

Social-emotional education is a huge push within school systems right now. With the rise of mental health struggles in society, our students are needing support in managing their emotions. It is our job as educators to help our students learn the skills necessary to identify their emotions and implement the correct strategy to cope with how they are feeling at the moment.

Stress Stinks, by Bryan Smith, is a great resource for helping students identify the stress within their lives and help select the right strategy for them to help manage their anxiety. The text is easily relatable and it offers lots of common scenarios that all students experience at times in their lives.

As the students work through the story, they will be able to identify a similar situation in their own lives that the characters are experiencing. In addition to the relatability of the text scenarios, the strategies for coping with stress are kid-friendly and usable for all ages of kids.

Stress Stinks was written to be a text to help teach kids how to identify and manage the stress in their lives, and it has accomplished that task. It would be a great resource for counselors and classroom teachers to utilize to help coach their students in managing the stress in their lives.

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