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Kneeknock Rise by Natalie Babbitt

At the beginning of your story, you don't know much.

So you are fool. But after sentences are written, you have real life experiences. You could become a wise person. In the book, Kneeknock Rise by Natalie Babbitt, Egan learns what it means to be a wise man.

Egan was a fool. At the beginning of the story, he ran up a mountain all by himself. He brought no food and no water. Luckily, Egan found the search party, and he learned to never run away.

Egan was a fool and learned from it. He went up to the mountain to kill the beast. But, there was no beast, so Egan is a fool.

Egan is very clumsy. When he was traveling to Kneeknock Rise, he got bumped to the back of the wagon.

As you can see, Kneeknock Rise holds lots of lessons. For example, the book teaches that you should never run away just because someone teased you. Another life lesson from Kneeknock Rise is don’t be mean and silly.

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