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The Miraculous by Jess Redman

The Miraculous, by Jess Redman, is a beautifully written story about the power of everyday miracles. The story follows an eleven-year-old boy named Wunder. Wunder has declared himself a miracologist ever since he had a magical experience in the woods.

Since that day, Wunder has devoted his life to researching and following the miraculous stories of those in his community.

However, after the death of his baby sister, Wunder's faith in miracles becomes lost. His parents are broken and lost in their own grief. Wunder is left on his own to navigate his complicated feelings.

That is, until the day of his sister's funeral. On that day, Wunder runs into a girl from school. Her name is Faye, and she is at the graveyard visiting the gravestone of her recently passed grandfather.

As the story continues, Faye's and Wunder's lives becoming increasingly intertwined as they befriend the old lady in the abanded house in the woods. Both feel the old lady may be hiding something, and Faye is convinced she is a witch. Never-the-less, the two agree to help deliver letters to members throughout the town.

The journey Faye and Wunder embark on will change both of their lives forever. Their friendship will be tested and the two will each have to face the realities of their grief. It is through this journey that the two may once and for all find out what is miraculous about life after all.

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