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The Great Compromise by Julia Cook

Cora June and Wilson cannot seem to agree on anything at school today. They have argued from the beginning to the end of the day, and their teacher is at her wit’s end.

Over and over, she is reminding her students that they need to compromise. However, as the day continues to go on, their arguments seem to never come to an end.

When the two have their final fight over a blue popsicle, their teacher has had enough. She brings Cora June and Wilson together to talk through every one of their fights.

One by one, the teacher explains to Cora June and Wilson how they could have found a compromise in each of the situations they were arguing about throughout the day.

After the support from the teacher, Cora June and Wilson come together for the ultimate compromise for their class's upcoming Fantastic Flavor Feast. By working together, they can combine their favorite foods into the newest compromise of flavors… tacos filled with spaghetti!

The Great Compromise was designed as a teaching text. The structure of the book, the repetitive language, and the modeling completed by the teacher was deliberately designed and purposely executed.

As a teacher, I would utilize this text with younger students. The text would be a great text for teaching the social skill of compromising. Many students do struggle with this skill. The relatability of the scenarios is easily transferable to any school or student.

Older students would likely be bored with the simplicity of it. However, they too will be able to undoubtedly recognize that the purpose of this text is to teach the skill of compromising rather than be an overly creative text.

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