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Grace for President by Kelly DiPucchio

Do you think it is time for a change to a girl President? If so, you'll love the book, Grace for President. I think that Kelly DiPucchio did a phenomenal job writing this book.

I think that Grace has courage to be a candidate against Thomas Cob. He is better with everything. He takes the blue ribbon at the science fair. He is the school spelling bee champion, and Thomas is also the school soccer captain. But, Grace does not give up.

Another reason that I like the book is that it looks cartoonish. The pictures use a lot of red, white, and blue. There was also a lot of star spangled stars. The illustrations are very cool because they look like the flag. I think that Betsy Ross did a good job making our flag for our great country.

In Grace for President, the story has a huge change. Everyone is fooled because everyone thinks that Sam, a boy, will vote for Thomas Cobb because he is also a boy. Instead, he actually votes for Grace. He states that he thinks that Grace is the best woman for the job.

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