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My First Fact Files - Nonfiction Series

I am always on the search for kid-friendly nonfiction series. Kids love them, and a great series is harder to find than it may seem.

When looking for a great nonfiction series, one needs to find a collection that is engaging with both its topics and illustrations. In addition, there should be tons of nonfiction text features to help support the Common Core Standards of teaching nonfiction.

Finally, the readability needs to support learning, so the text must be written utilizing scientific or historical language that students should be learning as they read along with these nonfiction texts.

My First Fact Files is a new nonfiction series that I have come across, and I love it. This series is fantastic!

It checks every one of my boxes for a great nonfiction series. The topics are engaging, the illustrations are stunning, the books are packed with text features, and scientific/historical language is utilized on every page of these texts.

So far, I have had the opportunity to read three texts from this series: My First Fact Files: Weather, My First Fact Files: Oceans, and My First Fact Files: The Vikings. Each one of these books was great on its own. But as a collection, they are a total wow!

What surprised me the most about this series is that every one of these books was written by a different author. However, the cohesion between the structure and design of these books are flawless. Anyone will clearly be able to tell that they belong together in a series, and I highly doubt most readers will even notice that all the books were written by different authors.

The readability of this series is deeper than what I would have predicted based on the cover designs of the story. Before I dug into reading these books, my guess was that this series was designed for younger elementary students.

When I opened the texts up, I was surprised to see that there was a ton of text and nonfiction depth on every page. I would recommend this series for middle to upper elementary readers. I teach 4th grade, and this book would be a great fit for many of my readers.

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