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Solo by Kwame Alexander

Kwame Alexander is a master at the written word. His poetic stories are musical and free. Every time I sit down with one of his books, I get lost in Kwame’s ability to build a piece of art within his writing.

Solo, by Kwame Alexander, is another one of Kwame’s books that I devoured from beginning to end.

Solo tells the story of a teenage boy named Blade. Blade has grown up in what others would classify as a privileged life. As the son of rock star Rutherford Morrison, Blade has grown up among the rich, famous, and wild.

By the life of a rock star's son is not all it is cracked up to be. Blade is constantly alone as he watches his dad crumble among the pressure of the music industry.

On top of his father's desire to remain in the headlines, Blade's life is constantly being spun into chaos as his dad's drinking and drug use spiral out of control over and over again.

Trapped within Rutherford’s destructive behavior, Blade finds himself being launched further into his father’s mess of a life. Through a heated argument one day, Rutherford reveals to Blade that he was adopted.

Reeling in the shock of this news, Blade rushes to his girlfriend, Chapel’s house only to be further crushed with the realization of her infidelity.

Convinced that Blade needs out of the rock-star life, he sets off to find his biological mother. In a whirlwind of events, he finds himself traveling to Africa in search of truth to all the questions in his life.

It is through his journey into the depths of Africa that Blade’s life begins to find meaning and purpose again. Slowly, he begins to place the pieces of his life back together.

Solo is a complex novel of real-life issues and struggles. It deals with the dark consequences of drugs and alcohol abuse.

The story is written with raw emotion and the language one would expect from a rock star and his son. Because of the adult-like language and topics, this book would be the best fit for older teens and adults.

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