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My Jasper June by Laurel Snyder

I have been a huge fan of the author, Laurel Snyder since she wowed me with her novel, Orphan Island. It is one of those books that I oftentimes find myself thinking about and comparing other books too in regards to Laurel Snyder's creativity and just sheer talent as a writer. I have read Orphan Island several times, and I know I am that I will be nowhere near done with reading that book anytime soon.

When Laurel Snyder’s newest novel, My Jasper June, arrived at my house with a request to review. It immediately got my attention. I was dying to sit down and bust the pages open immediately. I knew if it was anything close to Orphan Island, then I was about to be immersed in magic.

Let me tell you, My Jasper June floored me. I thought there was no way that Laurel Snyder could top Orphan Island for me, but she did. My Jasper June was absolute perfection. I devoured every single word, and I am honored to be able to share this review with all of you.

My Jasper June is a story of an unlikely friendship between two girls named Leah and Jasper. Through absolute chance, the girls run into each other at a creek one summer day in June. Their connection is immediate and strong. It is one neither girl seems to be able to shake off, yet one that both girls so desperate seem to need.

Leah’s life is in shambles. After the tragic death of her brother, her parents are walking shadows of the people they once were. Her friends are no longer around, and no one in town seems to know how to talk with Leah now that she is the girl with the dead brother. She is alone always, and every day the ache of loneliness seems to drift her further and further into her grief.

Jasper is as fiery as her wild red hair. She faces her life with energy and strength. However, Jasper is holding herself together by a thread and she is doing everything she can to hide her real truth from everyone around her, including her new friend, Leah.

It doesn’t take long for both girls to realize they are in too deep. Things become desperate as they aim to find a way to save themselves from their problems and preserve their friendship that they both have come to depend upon.

My Jasper June is a story full of complexity, twists, and turns. Readers will find themselves immersed with these characters’ lives from the moment they meet them both. The relatability, yet also tragicness, of these two girls will cause you to not only become their biggest fans, but also one that aches when you find out the truth behind both their lives.

It is with my top recommendation that I share My Jasper June with you. This is a story that one will find leaves an imprint on your heart. Check out My Jasper June to see for yourself! I promise you; you will not be able to put this one down!

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