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Hold Fast by Blue Balliett

When I first started reading Hold Fast,I thought it was about how there was a sister and a brother and how they lived in a orphanage I pictured their parents dead and they are trying to get out of the orphanage.

The reason I thought this was because the picture looked like they were sitting in the front of an orphanage.It also looked like they had no parents with them just a brother and sister.

But now that I am further in the text,I have learned that this book is really about Jubie Early and Sum/Summer are trying to find out where Dash is and what had happened to him.I know this is true because it says over and over that “We need to find Dash,”Where are you Dash.”

When I started reading Hold Fast I knew it was about a type of crime.The reason I thought this is because as soon as Dash disappeared I knew there was some type of kidnapping.

I feel the theme is getting through hard times for example:When Early was being bullied or teased in school she had those mean girls, being sick, and Dash not with her all on her shoulders.

Another example is is that Summer is going through depression and almost gave up on finding Dash,she had Jubie and Early to take care of and she got robbed and did not have much money to take care of the whole family.

What I have been reading is that Early, Jubie, and Summer's house was DESTROYED and their money was taken.All but a shiny diamond that could be sold worth millions.

In the end of the story they found Dash and had a happy life for the rest of their life.They also figured out who took dash and it was Mr.Prince and all of his workers.Hold Fast is a very good book to review on so I suggest you do a book review on it!!

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