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Right as Rain by Lindsey Stoddard

Heartfelt, emotional, and powerfully-written!

Right as Rain, by Lindsey Stoddard, is one of my favorite books of 2019 that I have had the pleasure to read and review. It is absolutely a book that I would recommend to all avid readers, but beware, this one tugs hard at the heartstrings.

The story opens up with Rain’s life in complete chaos. Here family has suffered the sudden loss of her older brother, Guthrie, and no one in her family seems to know how to move forward from their tragedy.

Rain is going through the motions and trying to find the old normal of her life that she craves to have back. Her father is an emotionless shell of a man that never leaves his room, and her mother never stops. She acts like life must now be a list of things that must be done, and she never takes the time for her family anymore.

To complicate her grief, Rain's mother announces one day that the family will be moving to an apartment in New York City, immediately.

Within a blink, all of her life is gone, and Rain is now at living in a new town, in a new apartment, and attending a new school. She craves to find someone who understands as secretly deals with the guilt she carries from what she feels was her role in her brother's untimely death.

Your heart will grieve right along with Rain and her family as they do their best to keep living. Rain is an unlikely character that has to find her inner strength to deal with her brother’s death, hold her broken family together, and try to start her new life over in the business of New York.

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