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Maybe This Time by Kasie West

I should have known when I picked up Kasie West’s newest novel, Maybe This Time, that I wasn’t going to put it down until I finished every last bit of it. The same thing happens to me every time I pick up a novel by Kasie West. I just adore her stories, and I crave another one as soon as I finish one of her books.

Luckily for me, Kasie West is an incredibly talented author that doesn’t seem to be slowing down with her book releases. Therefore, I will happily keep diving into each and every story she publishes!

Maybe This Time is a love story about two teenagers named Sophie Evans and Andrew Hart. Their paths suddenly cross one day while Sophie is working for the town florist, and Andrew is at the same event helping his dad who is a famous chef.

Initially, the two seem to despise each other. But as all great romance novels eventually do, the two's hatred towards each other slowly starts to turn into a drama-filled connection that neither of them seems to be able to resist.

As the story continues through the timeline of a year, you are met with event after event that Andrew and Sophie’s paths continue to cross.

Like all Kasie West’s stories, the connection between these two characters is real and so engaging. I kept reading late into the night because I was just wishing and hoping that Andrew and Sophie could find a way to realize the love that was blossoming between the two of them.

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