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Stella Diaz has Something to Say by Angela Dominquez

Everyone struggles with feeling like the fit in at one point in life. Most of the time these feelings go away once one realizes they are just like everyone else.

But do those feelings ever go away if you were born different?

What happens to those who were born from a different country?

Who speaks a different language?

How to do those from somewhere else find there place in their here and now?

Stella is one who is trying to answer those exact questions.

In the book, Stella Diaz has Something to Say, by Angela Dominquez, Stella opens the story with feelings of loneliness and embarrassment. She has accidentally answered a question in school in Spanish rather and English. Now, she has to sit in horror as her check's turn red and the whole class giggles at her mistake.

Stella yearns to fit in with her American classmates, but her family's culture and her shyness seem like barriers to her ever finding her way in America.

She feels like an outsider, or "alien" just as it states on her visa.

Stella's feelings come to a head when she is assigned to do a verbal presentation in school. She fears she will slip up again with her English, and she has to find some way to fight through her fears and shyness to accomplish this seemingly impossible task.

Check out Stella Diaz has Something to Say to see if Stella can find peace within herself and show the world who she really is!

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