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Unlovable by Dan Yaccarino

If you have ever felt unlovable, then you should read this book. In the book, Unlovable by Dan Yaccarino, everyone thinks Alfred is not good enough. This book is a sweet book about a dog named Alfred who no one likes because he is different.

This book has a lot of colorful pages. The reason why I picked this book is because I love puppies. I also pick this book because the fence has cool designs and the flowers have a lot of cute colors.

To add on, I like when the fish and the parrot say “unlovable.” The three dogs think he has a different face than other dogs, but I think he has the cutest puppy face that I have ever seen. The other thing I like is how the author made Alfred ugly on purpose because he wanted to do this because he wanted little kids to enjoy it to. These are several reasons why I picked this book.

To continue, in the text, Unlovable, Alfred is getting made fun of because he has a different face than other dogs do. The author is getting my attention because dogs normally have the same faces so it caught my attention because like they said he wasn't cute. I think he was cute. The author calling Alfred ugly is what caught my attention.

In the text, Alfred, the main character of the book, is kind and does what he thinks is right not what he thinks is wrong.This caught my attention because usually dogs are really cute. Alfred is different than the other dogs in the story. They are making fun of him because they think he is ugly.

Alfred really didn't like himself until one day he met another puppy and they popped out of the bushes together. They realized a huge secret!

I would recommend the book, Unlovable, to the kids out their in the world that are getting made fun of because it's a really bad thing to do because you could lose your friends that way. That's who I would recommend it to.

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