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One Smart Goose by Caroline Church

"Down on a farm lived a gaggle of geese. They were shiny and clean. Even their beaks gleamed. All the geese that is except one. One little goose splashed alone in the muddy pond not clean or shiny at all."

That quote and photograph is from the book One Smart Goose by Caroline Church.

Caroline Church made this book so kids can learn. The kids learn how to make good choices. They will follow the steps of little goose. Little goose always makes good choices while the other geese don’t do anything. Little goose has to make the right choice of what to do when the fox comes on every full moon.

The other geese in the gaggle don’t have a clue what little goose is doing. They don’t know that the fox comes every full moon so they are never prepared. They wonder why the fox never gets little goose. He says because he blends in with all the mud on him. So in the winter the geese get mud on them and the fox still gets them. The geese think little goose is lying about putting mud on them will blend them in. Little goose says in the winter you don’t put mud on you so your feathers blend in with the snow.

On every page the colors change. Little goose changes colors like white, grey, blue, purple, and light brown. The farm land where they live also changes colors like light green, dark green, and a little bit of blue. The sky changes as well. The colors are yellow, dark blue, and teal.

I really liked this book. I would recommend it to elementary teachers that are teaching their kids how to make the right choice. I would also recommend it to parents who are trying to teach their kids to make the right choice. If you are not teaching your kid then still buy it because it’s a great book. Will you read this book?

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