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Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs! By Sandra Boynton

Not everyone is the same. In the book, Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs by Sandra Boynton, it tells you how all the dinosaurs are different. On every page, each difference is the opposite of the other. For example, some dinosaurs are big and some are tiny.

Sandra Boynton made the book rhyme and be opposites so kids would like it. Also, Sandra Boynton did this because kids can catch that it’s doing that and learn the book structure. The kids would like it because of it’s rhymes. They could sing along to the book or make it like a poem.

Sandra Boynton made it dinosaurs so kids won’t get bored. If it were humans doing the things the dinosaurs are doing, kids would get so bored. Instead, she used her imagination and used dinosaurs. She made the dinosaurs do things that people do, like paint and brush their teeth.

The pictures in this book are very colorful and kid-like. The author made the pictures so colorful so kids would pay attention. The pictures are so good so every age would like it. The pictures match what the text says. In some books I’ve read, the pictures don’t match the text. The coolest thing about the pictures are half of them are where humans live and half where dinosaurs live.

Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs by Sandra Boynton is one of my favorite picture books. I love the pictures and text. I would recommend it to kids ages five and under. I pick this age because you can give them a challenge to see if they find that it rhymes and the differences are opposite. Also, I think they would adore it. You should buy this book for your kids!

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