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Primrose’s Curse: A Fairy Tale of an Audacious Girl By Kiara and Vinay Shankar

Reading has magical powers. It can find lost souls. It can take you on adventures you have never dreamed of before. It can unite generations together in a shared love. If one open’s his or her heart to the power of reading, the magic of a love for books could surely change a person’s life.

For the father and daughter team of Kiara and Vinay Shankar, reading brought these two together in a shared adventure of their own. Side-by-side, they set off on a journey to write stories together. The result was their creation of a brave, young character named Primrose.

Through the story, this audacious young character would take on her challenges with kindness and cleverness. Time and time again, Primrose’s heart would serve as the greatest indicator of her true self. It would show that her inner beauty would forever be the cause of her being the one chosen for the ultimate journey to save mankind.

Alongside her through her daring journey to Hellevue, Primrose has her trusty gang of magical animals that consult her and support her in the journey to defeat the evil Queen Evelyn Velecrona in order to save her family.

Through the trials of their journey, Primrose and her animal sidekicks work together to conquer each obstacle set before them. They prove that together they have the power and abilities to make sure good reigns supreme throughout Heavenvue and the human world.

What I love most about the book, Primrose’s Curse: A Fairy Tale of an Audacious Girl, is that it is clearly the result of the labor of love between this father and daughter duo. It was evident as I was reading through the pages of their book that this story was the result of many hours of work.

As I read, I found myself continually picturing the two of them huddled together side-by-side. I could almost hear them as they bounced off their creative ideas between each other on what Primrose and her beloved animal friends would face next on their daring journey.

Kiara’s and Vinay‘s book is creative, and each page resonates with their shared passion for creating stories together. I absolutely loved how this parent and child duo created a story in order to share with the world how reading and writing bonds the two of them together.

Even at twelve years old, Kiara has seen and will forever know that her dad shares in her passion of reading and that he believes in her talent to create stories. I am looking forward to seeing what these two have in store with their second book titled Primrose’s Destiny: An Audacious Girl Destined to Save Earth.

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