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Beekle by Dan Santat

The book I read was so cool, it's called Beekle. The author is Dan Santat. One lonely person meets another lonely person. Read to find out.

The book is about life really. Everyone in their life at one point has felt this way. They are lonely and sad. Beekle is looking for a friend because he just came from a different world. It’s like a new kid in school. He tries and tries but then a girl comes up to see if he wants to be her friend.

The pictures are so good. All of them have a bunch of different colors. They have a lot of detail on them. It really makes the pictures pop and be colorful. It’s just full of bright colors.

It starts of like every story a kid would love. It starts like a fairy tale. Like he was born far far away and stuff like that. The little kids, it’s sounds so interesting for them. Then somehow he comes to earth trying to make a friend.

Remember the book is Beekle. The author is Dan Santat. The age I would recommend is for younger kids. It think it would be best fit for grades kindergarten to second because it’s what a kid goes through in his or her life and trying to make friends. Everything about this book is amazing, you should really get this book if you have a going into kindergarten through 2nd grade.

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