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City Shapes by Diana Murray

City Shapes, by Diana Murray, follows a young girl as she explores all the shapes she finds among her world outside her home. Through her exploration of her beloved city, she recognizes the squares of the buildings and the rectangles of the billboards. Not to mention, she sees triangles, kits, and circles as she explores deeper and deeper into the landscape of her surrounding home.

As the little girl finds her way back home, she realizes where her favorite place has always been. Home is where her heart is and where she will always find the best shapes to surround her.

The concept of Diana Murray’s book, City Shapes, was developed based on the author’s own experiences of moving to New York City. At the age of two, Diana and her family immigrated from Ukraine. As she spent her childhood growing up and experiencing life in New York City, Diana found herself often fascinated with the shapes of the town she had grown to love.

The pages of Diana Murray’s books are illustrated perfectly from the front cover to the back. Bryan Collier’s gift to design a piece of book art truly amazed me. At times, the images were so real that I thought I was looking at photographs instead of illustrations.

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