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Over the Moon by Natalie Lloyd

I have been a fan of Natalie Lloyd's since I first picked up her book, A Snicker of Magic, several years ago. Natalie is one of the most talented children's fantasy writers I have read. Her ability to construct stories and worlds that I could never have dreamed about reigns supreme among other fantasy books.

In her new book, Over the Moon, Natalie has once again created a fantasy world that will mesmerize her readers.

Set in the town of Coal Top, you meet a young girl named Mallie. Mallie and her family are living in a world of little hope. Mallie's father can no longer speak and is blind due to a tracking mining accident. Mallie's little brother is being sought after now by the Guardians in order to replace their father in the mines.

In desperate hopes to pay off her family's debt, and save her little brother from a life in the mines, Mallie takes it upon herself to enter a dangerous contest thrown by Mortimer Good in hopes of winning the prize money and ending her family’s problems forever.

Through each challenge, Mallie brings herself closer to paying off her family’s debts and saving her brother from a life of misery. But as she gets closer to the dark truth behind the Guardians that the real realities of their leader.

Over the Moon is beautifully constructed and lyrically written. Natalie Lloyd’s words on the pages truly build an alternate world where her readers will cheer on Mallie is if she was their own “Mallie Over the Moon.”

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