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Dear Dragon by Josh Funk

Imagine that your writing to a unknown person or even an animal but you don’t know anything about it. Imagine you don’t know who you are writing to but you are writing poetry in letters. Well, the book Dear Dragon by author Josh Funk mixes poetry with letters,dragons, and also humans.

I liked the book design in this book because it had poetry mixed with letters. This makes me wonder, if this was done to make readers interested because it made me sure interested. I liked how it would go back and forth with letters. It would also go back and forth with the pictures as well. I also liked how the design and pictures showed the huge surprise at the end.

I really enjoyed the illustrations in Dear Dragon because they are cartoon-like. This shows that the pictures were cute and funny to see. I loved how they were always showing their way of doing something then the other dragon/human do it in his/her way. To add on, they were switching letters and as that happened the handwriting would switch as well.

I loved the part when at the end they find out who they are writing to. The thought I have about this is that it was funny to see their reactions when they find out who they really have been writing to. Also, this part was amazing because it made me laugh and understand even that dragons and humans can be friends.

This book was amazing, and I would recommend it to kids in grades K-4 because it was funny and friendly. The book, Dear Dragon, shows that books, like these, can really show you how different books can be from each other and how differently they can be designed. I would say that this book would be a must be for a lot of teachers that teach elementary kids.

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