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Daisy and Friends Outside Our Window By Barbara J. Meredith

Daisy and Friends Outside Our Window, by Barbara J. Meredith, is a short story written to teach our littlest readers about the changes in seasons. With the repetitive language, simple pictures, and gentle details, the book, Daisy and Friends, allows young readers to be able to see the characteristics and changes between fall, winter, spring, and summer.

Daisy and Friends Outside Our Window would be the best fit book for preschool-aged children. The text is simple but requires them to notice the different changes that are occurring outside the window being shown in the book.

Daisy and Friends Outside Our Window will help these young readers recognize the change of landscape and weather occurring throughout the year. If I were a preschool teacher or parent, this book would be a great resource to help show the key difference between each season. The simple text and pictures allow the visualization between seasons to remain the primary focus for those new, little readers.

As I am reviewing Daisy and Friends Outside Our Window, the one suggestion I would make for the author is to either pump up the characters of Daisy and her Friends throughout the text or eliminate them. Daisy, the dog, and the other friends in the book are not central to the plot.

For most of the book, they are the background characters as the seasons change. To pump them up in the story, I may have had Daisy and friends be more central to the events in the story.

For example, she could have Daisy and the other animals using dialogue to describe the differences between the seasons or maybe the illustrator could have the animals experiencing the differences of the seasons, such as playing in the snow or jumping in the leaves, within the illustrations of the windows themselves.

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