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Old MacDonald Had A Truck by Steve Goetz

Old MacDonald Had a Truck…. and a bulldozer…. An excavator…. and a steam roller?

Old MacDonald is undergoing a major twist in Steve Goetz’s new version of a favorite childhood song, and I thought it was just adorable.

In this version of Old MacDonald, the same song reigns true through all the pages. So have no fear, you and your little one will get to E-I-E-I-O throughout the entire song. But instead of going through the same old, tired old animal sounds, you get to make all the fun sounds of heavy machinery.

My little guy just loves all the trucks and machines in this new version of Old MacDonald, and I love that this story is fresh and fun. Plus, I could not mention this story without spotlighting how Eda Kaban’s illustrations shine throughout this entire story.

The pictures are bright, colorful, and packed full of all the Old MacDonald’s animals pitching in as the build the perfect setting for their favorite past-time “trucking” activity.

Old MacDonald Had a Boat

If you love Old MacDonald Had a Truck, which I know you will, be sure to check out the sequel titled, Old MacDonald Had A Boat. It follows in the footsteps of Old MacDonald Had A Boat, but it is even more hysterical.

I found myself cracking up at the Eda Kaban’s pictures as Old MacDonald and his wife work together to use all their tools to build a new boat.

You and your little readers will love once again reading along and watching watch crazy shenanigans Old MacDonald’s animals will be getting themselves into as everyone early awaits their time in the lake.

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