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A Gnome Story: Adventures with Murphy McWoo By Michelle Schlicher

Move over unicorns, your time as the leading fantasy trend with every elementary student and tween-aged child is officially through. It is time for a new mythical creature to enter the spotlight. The gnomes are in town now, and it is their turn to shine!

A Gnome Story: Adventures with Murphy McWoo, by Michelle Schlicher, is a fun new children's book that children of all ages will adore. Written in verse, A Gnome Story, tells about the crusade of Big Sister and Little Sister's garden gnome named Murphy McWoo.

Like all garden gnomes, Murphy McWoo is an ornery and peculiar fellow. Complete with his red pointy hat and his knack for always misbehaving, the two sisters narrating the story, named Big Sister and Little, have caught on to all of Murphy's tricks. Now, they are happily giggling as they look outside their bedroom window and come up with tall tales about the excursions a gnome, like Murphy McWoo, has surely been on.

Michelle Schlicher's story is a creative fantasy book that my students have absolutely adored, and I am right there with them. Murphy McWoo and his wild mishaps are light and funny. They keep every reader engaged and eager to find out what is next in store for our new favorite garden gnome.

As we read the story together, my students and I really loved trying to come up with what trouble we thought Murphy would find himself getting into next. Our read aloud of this book led to a great discussion on making predictions on how we felt Murphy's character would find himself in another pickle, or two, or twenty.

On top of that, the end of the story encourages all readers to try to come up with their own Murphy McWoo gnome stories. It was a blast to continue to our make our predictions while we envisioned our own Murphy-related dramas! This is surely a huge reason why every one of my students has asked me to please beg Michelle Schlicher for more Murphy stories!

A Gnome Story is Michelle's Schlicher's first children's book, and I am so excited for what is in store with her journey into the world of children’s literature. Between her creative gnome character, the vibrant illustrations, and her lyrical rhymes, I have no doubt that A Gnome Story will be a raging hit with any young reader.

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