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Stuck by Oliver Jeffers

What would it possibly be like if you got everything stuck in a tree. Floyd knows what it is like. Floyd is the character in the book Stuck by Oliver Jeffers.

Floyd is super oblivious. He doesn't pay attention to all the odd things that are happening around him. Floyd also starts something else and forgets what he was doing. He can’t seem to remember anything he is doing. This character makes Floyd seem funny.

Floyd sometimes reminds me of myself. Floyd forgets things just like me. He also knows he is forgetting something but doesn't know what. Floyd also is like me because he doesn’t finish what he is doing. He moves on to the next thing really quickly.

The book, Stuck, repeats a saying throughout the text. Every time he throws something in the tree it says it got "stuck." When it is repeated on every page, kids will think it’s funny. Kids are able to say the phrase with you because it is predictable.

In the fun book, Stuck by Oliver Jeffers, kids will have the opportunity to read the repeated phrase with you and remind you of yourself. I recommend this text to preschoolers because if you read it to older kids they wouldn’t find it as interesting and silly like really little kids will. Preschoolers would laugh and giggle the whole time.

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