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My Mom is Magical by Sabrina Moyle

Raise your hand if you have a child obsessed with unicorns right now!

Hello, huge hands up for me! My daughter is in a full-out unicorn-crazed phase right now. We cannot literally go nowhere without running into something unicorn-themed. At the sight at any new unicorn, we are embraced with the five-year-old high-pitched squeal of delight.

Why not embrace the unicorn phase of our children by giving them some great unicorn-themed books to love and adore?

My Mom is Magical by Sabrina Moyle is a fun new board book that allows even our youngest readers join in on the unicorn phenomena. Why not? Babies and toddlers love unicorns too!

After all, how could our little readers not love all the sparkles, colors, and pizzazz that unicorns exhibit in full force?

My Mom is Magical is a book of fun metaphors that describe mothers in the best possible light. After all, with everything we have to balance, mothers are magical. We are stronger than a squad of superheroes. We are cooler than a disco rock star, and we absolutely more amazing that a billion butterflies!

My Mom is Magical is a story written for babies, but it is one even toddlers and preschoolers will enjoy. They will love seeing the vibrant and colorful pictures designed by Eunice Moyle, and of course, they will love all things unicorn that My Mom is Magical has to offer.

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