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Tiny Geniuses: Fly to the Rescue by Megan E. Bryant

Things are not going well for Jake Everdale.

He is struggling in school, especially with his science class, and his parents are not amused at the repetition of F’s he continues to bring home on science quiz after science quiz. If Jake can’t start getting his grades up, he will be off the baseball team.

Jake needs a miracle.

In his last chance effort to stay on his beloved baseball team, Jake makes a wish on the magical wishing well at his school. He is not sure he believes it will help, but Jake is desperate. He will give anything a shot to keep him from getting kicked off his team.

Well, to Jake’s surprise the wishing well seemed to work. However, it definitely did not work in the exact manner Jake wished or even thought that it would work in. Instead of magically getting better grades, Jake’s life has taken a miniaturized turn.

He wakes up to find science geniuses Sir Isacc Newton, and later in the story, Amelia Earhart has arrived in his bedroom. At first things get a little wacky, but eventually, through the encouragement and coaching of these science gurus, Jake's own thoughts about science begin to take a drastic turn.

Through the appearances of tiny Sir Isaac Newton and Amelia Earhart, Jake is to teach about scientific curiosity, asking deep questions and constructing experiments.

In the end, with the help of his small-sized friend, Jake might actually save his spot on his baseball team and fall in love with science!

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