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Louisiana’s Way Home by Kate DiCamillo

Kate DiCamillo is one of my favorite children’s authors. She truly is an author that was born to write stories for children. It is through her words and her memorable characters that children everywhere are finding a love for reading.

Louisiana’s Way Home is packed full of that Kate DiCamillo magic. I was entranced from the very first page, and I couldn’t put the book down until I devoured every last word.

In Louisiana’s Way Home we are once again graced with the presence of all who is Louisiana Elefante!

After being introduced to Louisiana’s vibrant, and sometimes abrasive personality, in Kate DiCamillo’s book, Raymie Nightingale. I was so ready and excited to join this spirited character again in Louisiana’s Way Home.

In the opening of this story, Louisiana and her granny are once again tied all up in one of her granny's impulsive, middle-of-the-night ideas. This time, Granny has woken Louisiana up in the very early morning hours, instructed her to quickly pack all of her belongings, and loaded the both of them up in her car.

Now, the both of them, and all their belongings are on the road heading away for Louisiana's home, her best friends, and her beloved pets.

At first, Louisiana assumes it will be just a matter of time before Louisiana and granny head home, but all that changes when Granny abandons Louisiana at a surly motel in Richmond, Virginia. Louisiana is alone and must now find her own way home.

But as life happens, Louisiana and her life quickly become intertwined the people she meets in Richmond. She finds herself under the care and compassion of strange boy that always has favorite crow tagging along on his shoulder.

It is through the love and compassion she finds in him and his family that Louisiana begins to question the very idea of where her home is and who her home is meant to forever be with.

I adored the book, Louisiana’s Way Home. It was beautifully constructed and it is quickly getting the accolades it deserves. I can only imagine that more accolades and his sales are in future for this new Kate DiCamillo masterpiece!

It is my top recommendation that parents and teachers grab this book and curl up next to those kids they love so much. Adults and kids of all ages will love Louisiana and cheer her on as she aims to find her way home.

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