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Ellie, Engineer by Jackson Pearce

Ellie can do anything! She can build anything! She can design anything! When Ellie faces a problem, she gets to work designing and building solutions.

In Jackson Pearce’s novel, Ellie, Engineer, we meet our beloved Ellie. She is smart, she is kind, and she is passionate about all things engineering.

In this first story of hopefully many future Ellie books, Ellie is faced with an engineering challenge. She must build her best friend Kit the most perfect birthday present ever. Thanks to some secret insight for Kit’s mom, Ellie knows exactly what to build Kit… the best doghouse ever!

Young readers will enjoy reading along as Ellie designs, redesigns, and constructs the doghouse for Kit's birthday. They will love the simple story and the fun sketches that Ellie includes throughout the entire story.

Jackson Pearce’s story is a great option for elementary students. Its simple plot is sweet and enjoyable. I love how Ellie’s engineering shines through the pages of this book. Through Ellie’s example, boys and girls alike will have the encouragement to take on their own engineering passions.

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