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Dog Diaries: A Middle School Story by James Patterson with Steven Bulter

James Patterson is a name among children’s literature! With over 50 book to his name, and numerous accolades, the excited murmurs that being as soon as I add a new James Patterson book to my classroom library has been rightly deserved.

Dog Diaries: A Middle School Story is the first book in James Patterson’s new series, Dog Diaries! In this series, you meet the charismatic dog Junior and his best human pal, Rafe.

Together, the two find themselves in adventure-after-adventure. To everyone else, these two seem to find themselves in mess-after-mess.

Dog Diaries Book #1 is an entire story told for the perspective of Junior the dog. This book tells the story of how Junior was adopted from the pound and came to meet his new pet human, Rafe.

Rafe and Junior are immediately best friends, and the two of them find themselves in a big predicament after a little, teensy mishap at the dog park. It is up to the two of them to prove they aren’t the mess everyone thinks they are by winning the local dog show.

The only problem is… they have both miserably failed their obedience school class.

Young readers will love James Patterson's newest series. Dog Diaries is packed full of doggy humor and fun illustrations.

Dog Diaries is a great option for children who are newer to chapter books. The text is an easy read, and the illustrations offer great support for the context of the story.

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