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Hello, My Name is … How Adorabilis Got His Name by Marisa Polanksy

I love including nonfiction text into the reading repertoire of my students and my children. The Common Core requires older elementary students to spend at least half of their instructional time in nonfiction text.

The time requirement only grows in number as the student transitions into their secondary education. So why not start this practice off early and get those little ones into some awesome nonfiction texts!

An awesome nonfiction text option for young readers is Marisa Polanksy’s book, Hello, My Name is…. How Adorabilis Got His Name.

In this book, you meet an adorable little, pink sea creature.

This creature is new to the tank, and he is introducing himself to all the other sea creatures. As he is introducing himself, the other sea creatures point out to him that he doesn’t have a name.

The story then transitions into all the sea creatures explaining to their new marine friend how they received all their names. It is there hope that their explanations may help their new tank-mate determine a defining characteristic that may serve as the inspiration behind the creation of a new name for their new friend.

At the end of the story, you meet the scientist who provides our new friend with the name he so desperately wanted… Adorabilis.

Included at the end of the book is a wonderful explanation for how the real-life Adorablis was found and named. You and your young readers will find it fun to learn that this sea creature does exist in real life, and Adorabilis is indeed his real name!

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